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Successfully Connecting The Dentist’s Present With Their Future

Serving Missouri and Illinois


Buying or selling a practice? Looking for a trusted partner to help during the transition? We are experts in listing your dental practice for sale and connecting people to the best opportunities for their business!

WHY DDSmatch?


WHY DDSmatch?

Who We Are

Who We Are

The Trusted Transition Process™

The Trusted Transition Process™


DDSmatch The Trusted Transition Process™

DDSmatch The Trusted Transition Process™

Landing the Airplane (The Trusted Transition Process™)

Finding the Perfect Match (Our Match Process)

Prepared for Anything (Legal Counsel)

Fair Practice Evaluation (Third-party Business Valuations)

Transitioning on Your Terms (Practice Optimizer Experience)


Mike Rogers, DDSmatch
Helping Dentists Transition in Missouri and Illinois


Years with DDSmatch


Years in the Industry

Mike Rogers serves dentists in the St. Louis area including Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois.  With 22+ years of dental industry experience Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic relationships to his clients.  Mike is passionate about educating his clients and helping them understand their transition options. His customer focus means the dentist’s needs always come first. During his time with Patterson Dental and Dentsply Sirona, Mike has built a strong knowledge base of how a dental practice operates and brings a high level of experience in critical areas for a smooth transition. Through relationships with local dental schools and partnerships with suppliers, manufacturers, attorneys, CPA’s, and more, you will gain access to the best advisors for your practice transition. Mike is a licensed real estate agent in Missouri and earned his Accounting degree from Truman State University. He lives in St. Peters, MO with his wife Jenny and two kids, Warren and Elaine. Mike and his wife love to compete in triathlons and endurance races and enjoy watching their kids compete in baseball and gymnastics.

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Osage Dental, Dr. Leo Burke and Dr. Bill Gillam


“Mike, thank you for being there to answer every question and guide us through the process. Your knowledge, professionalism and service are outstanding! You did an excellent job finding the right fit for our practice and we are incredibly happy with the terms you helped us negotiate. Thank you for your prompt answer to every call, text, and email even the ones after hours. I do not see how anyone could sort through and negotiate with the numerous DSO’s out there without an excellent broker like you by their side. Thanks again!”

Alan Chiles

“I recently used Mike Rogers from DDS Match for my practice-broker! Mike guided us through the process and helped to ease all the doubts and fears! His knowledge and professional advice made the transition smooth! I would highly recommend Mike and his team to any dentist ready to transition to the next stage of their dental career! Thank you Mike! Sincerely, Alan Chiles”

Dr. Pete Denby


“Thanks for being there at every turn to answer every question and continue to guide us along the way. The coordination of buyer, seller, bankers and attorneys requires a person trained and skilled in these details. Thanks again for your high level of service that made this all possible. Your approach, professionalism and attention to detail with our transition was exceptional and I would highly recommend ddsmatch to anyone attempting to create a partnership!”

Dr. Ben Sowle


“I have had the opportunity to be involved in the purchase of two dental practices.  The sellers at each practice were very much the same through the process.  The difference was that I had Mike Rogers with DDS match through the second transaction.  The first purchase did not go through and the second one, with Mike’s help, has been a success story through and through. When issues arose, Mike would sit down with the sellers and revisit all of their reasons for selling, dreams for retirement, motivations and their reservations from a third-party point of view.  He kept the negotiations on track and the expectations real.  My first attempted purchase on my own drug on for a little over a year and the deal never closed.  With Mike’s help I went from finding the second office for sale to ownership in less than twelve weeks.”

Jeff Sindelar

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mike for the past 10 years. I was fortunate to meet him at the beginning of my dental career. Through my transition from associateship to partnership and now multi practice owner, he has always been a great resource to me and my team. I’ve always benefited from his wealth of knowledge in the dental field and the connections that he has. Plus, you couldn’t find a more sincere, professional guy to be in your corner.”

Jason Dunville

“Mike Rogers has been a great adviser and friend to me for several years.  I appreciate his professionalism and knowledge of the dental industry.  He brings experience and the behind the scenes knowledge to enhance any dental professional.  Working with dentists through the years gives him a unique and positive position to ensure a positive outcome for any relationship in the transitions process.”